Unfortunately we don’t do cash on delivery.
You can make direct payment to our bank account or through our secured payment method on our website.
The item will be shipped 98% perfectly
For the remaining part the company will bare the responsibilities.
You can choose either refund or replacement.
After finalizing the order with the design refunding will be cut to 90% as the company placed a holding charge
And once the order been started to print or emboss the refund won’t be available
The order will be shipped with in 3-5 working days.
Perhaps it’ll take more time at the circumstances of the inaccuracies in the details
The production or the embossing work will be start once you’ve made the payment.
It’ll be enough to send a photo of your BR or a a screenshot of the bank transactions.
Websites payment method been directly monitored by the central bank under their rules and regulations as you trust there could be 0% fraudulent
For our privacy policy updated you can always the check page in the future